This is probably the biggest campaign there has ever been to promote basketball in the UK. Its a shame such efforts cannot be made by organisations like England Basketball or Sports England for example but instead by passionate individuals with a lot of drive and determination to make things happen such as the main man of this campaign, Sam from the .

From my experience in basketball in the UK there is a lot of activity on a street level but after secondary school and college/uni things seem to just fizzle out. If i asked people at my secondary school if this country had a professional basketball league or not, most of them probably wouldn't have a clue. Something is clearly wrong here and its no reason no one supports leagues like the BBL if they don't even relise they exist! From running this website i can see that organisations such as the 'outdoor basketball initiative' have done an excellent job at installing litterally thousands of baskets right across the country and that basketball outside of organised league teams is actually very popular. The trouble is theres a lot of talent out there but because the people that are out playing on the street see no future in basketball, their talent is going to waste. One of the main reasons i started this website was to try to get behind basketball in this country and to show people where they can start playing. Its a real shame that basketball is in the state that it is, but maybe one day we'll look back on this and relise what we have achieved. I'm sure this campaign will carry on long into the future until the results we all strive for are achieved. Its vital that your spread the word about and suport it in everyway possible. I'll leave you with some videos to show you the idea of this whole campaign.



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