Platt fields, manchester

A court loved and well used, a hotspot for underground British basketball.

About Platt Fields

Platt fields is situated to the south east of the Manchester city centre. As far as i know it is the most used court in the area and has always got some good competition about.

"Some of the best talent in the north west comes to play here including many Manchester Magic players, the ballers here are friendly and competetivley skilled. In Manchester and need a good run? This is the place you need to be on a weekend. We often have barbecues, music and we are never short of entertainment wether it be watching great basketball, or players' sideline antics."


"This court is old, rugged and broken down but it is the heart of Manchester's basketball scene (never mind the Amaechi centre). Large groups of ballers from all over come here to play on weekdays and weekends and there is often stiff competition."


To find out more you can find the court here along with a lot of the ballers which use it.