WE WANT YOU! | Lets hear about your basketball storey and you have the chance to be featured!

Are you a basketballer in the United Kingdom, if so we want to hear about you and your experiences in basketball in this country. If you email me at ukbasketballcourts@live.co.uk you could have the chance to have your basketball profile and storey featured on the websites news page! We think that it is important for basketballers from across the country to discover more about other enthusiastic players in the country and connect more with the UK’s basketball community. It doesn’t matter what your skill, its all about your storey, whether you’ve been a great success in ball or had many ups/downs or even that you have struggled about even finding somewhere to play.

So what should you send us in this email?
Okay well when either me or my bud helping run the site get your message what we first of all want to know from you is:

  • Your Name: (Nicknames or short names will do if you don’t want to put your full name, whatever you prefer)
  • Where you are from: (Doesn’t have to be exact, just a city or county will do to give people an idea of where you are playing)
  • Where you are playing: (Which team do you play for, where do you practice outside of team training)
  • What position do you play: (Your position in game)
  • Talk about yourself: (Do this in as much detail as you want, let your inspiration fly! How did you come to play the game, how much do you train, where do you see yourself being, what do you enjoy about basketball, What annoys you, what has been your hardest point in playing, what was your high point, what have you accomplished, are you addicted?… You get the idea, just go crazy!

So if we like your story, you could have the chance of being featured on the site and get a little fame ;) … Don’t be shy now! Depending on the response we will feature a story every week. If you are selected for the week we will email you back, and if possible get some pictures of you in game or videos or whatever you feel like sending or sharing with the rest of the viewers/readers.

Drop me the emails at ukbasketballcourts@live.co.uk with the subject title “UK Baller Profile”. I hope to hear from you soon!

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